Help for Kids and Parents Services

For a limited time Free 30-minute consults ~ Help for Kids and Parents struggling with learning environment - school

Karen ( Elizabeth) Has worked with children of all ages. She has a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology. She is a fully Credentialed Teacher in two states,  Michigan and California. She reached her Highly Qualified Status in 2009 and acquired her Qualified Behavior Health Professional certification in 2018.  With 27 years of experience both in public and private schools, overseas and in the USA, she brings a world of knowledge to her work and the families she helps.

Help for Kids and Parents has a team of experts who are consulted on each individual case.

Brief Phone Call – to get you on your way. (30 Minutes)

“Brief Phone Call – To Get You on Your Way: In this focused 30-minute consultation, we’ll address your immediate concerns about your child’s education. Whether it’s coping with dyslexia, understanding IEPs or 504 Plans, managing ADD/ADHD, or navigating post-COVID-19 educational challenges, we’re here to guide you. We’ll provide actionable advice to help your child succeed in school and restore peace of mind at home. To schedule your call, simply visit our ‘Contact Us’ page and fill out the form with your details and preferred time for a call. Let’s work together to support your child’s educational journey.”

For scheduling a call and more details, you can visit the Contact Us page of the website.

This is a time to meet and to see the child. A time to see the current education plan or to set up the steps to procure the plan from the school. A time to interview you and to see the family structure and the child’s routine throughout the day.

Action Plan:
This is when we review the current education plan in place for your child.

School Meeting:
We meet with the school to make sure the plan is actually being implemented.

Plan write up:
An easy-to-follow chart is created both for you at home and for the teachers at school.

School Write up Plan:
A more comprehendible write-up of your child’s current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) This is any service your child receives at school such as Learning Support, activity outside the classroom, accommodations in the lunchroom, or in virtual settings.

IEP Meeting:
Individual Education Plan Meeting, Student Student Team Meeting, 504 Plan Meeting – These meetings have different names and different purposes..

Meet at the School:

Often Parents would like another person present who knows vernacular used when these meetings are held. Parents often feel short changed, confused, or even given the “wait and see” message. It can be helpful to have someone else present at these meetings to push for testing, accommodations, and intervention. Each and every meeting is different and every need for every child varies. These meetings can be extremely effective with data and school-wide plans to help your child. Other times, parents get a “smoke and mirrors” game and are left feeling even more lost and confused. You can opt to have an advocate present, this is that service.

Intensive School Meeting:
Oftentimes, all the correct accommodations and intervention services are in writing, but not actually being done at the school in the school setting. This is valuable time lost. This is a time for us to go into the school (or virtually ) and see that the actual interventions are taking place.