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Karen Elizabeth Miscisin is a highly experienced educational advocate, intervention specialist, and educator, with over 30 years of expertise in her field. Her company (Help for Kids and Parents) uses experts, in the profession, currently working in our schools, to aid in the specific needs of each case.

She considers her time spent working in Africa as an Overseas Teacher with the Harvard Institute on International Development to be one of the most transformative experiences in her career. In 1992, during the dismantling of Apartheid, she was one of eleven volunteers recruited by Harvard to go to South Africa. The aim of the volunteers and the “SCORE” Program was to provide an educational outlet for children in the “black townships” who had lost family members during the struggle and had significant gaps in their education. It was not uncommon to have 12-year-olds in Kindergarten classes. The SCORE Program adopted eleven schools, and the volunteers, including Karen, taught physical education, as well as ran after-school and weekend soccer programs. All volunteers were required to learn Xhosa, as it was the primary language spoken by the students

She is the owner of Parent Help and Educational Advocacy, a contracting service that supports parents and children through the educational process. Karen is also a Constructed Response Scoring Professional with Educational Testing Service (ETS), where she evaluates and rates constructed responses to the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress test.

Prior to her work with ETS, Karen Elizabeth worked as an intervention specialist at both the Sylvan Union School District and the Salida Union School District in California. At the Sylvan Union School District, Karen helped guide students to improved academic performance and test scores, successfully adapting educational programs to meet individualized needs and achieve yearly growth across all subgroups. Additionally, she integrated technology throughout the curriculum, leveraging expertise in the Edusoft database to track student progress and identify trends. At the Salida Union School District, Karen was responsible for building and deploying a math intervention program and was credited with shepherding 80% of students participating in small groups to score Proficient or higher on year-end exams.

Karen ( now known as Elizabeth due to awful social “karen” ) has also worked as a teacher, teaching kindergarten, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade at the River Delta Joint Unified School in California. Her work there included incorporating the most up-to-date teaching strategies with a completely diversified student population. During her tenure, Karen participated in Apple Inc.’s first pilots of putting laptops in the hands of teachers and used Standard Based Report Cards for assessment and teaching expertise. She also coordinated the district-wide spelling bee and was the leader of fund-raising for Outdoor Ed.

She has earned multiple degrees and certifications, including a Master’s in Educational Technology from Central Michigan University, a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential in Elementary Education from California State University-Sacramento, and certifications in ABA Therapy from UC Santa Barbara, her undergrad in Politics from UC Santa Cruz as well as Certified Fiber Optic Installer from Alpena Community College.

In addition to her professional work, Karen Elizabeth has volunteered extensively with The Blue Bench–Rape Awareness and Assistance Program as a women’s self-defense instructor since 1996.